Open Letter to Premier Minns Regarding Bail Reform

20 March 2024

A secret government plan to lock up more children is going to make NSW regional communities more dangerous.


This is nothing more than a short-sighted political fix. Premier Chris Minns knows it will fail, just like it has in Queensland and everywhere else that politicians have tried tightening bail laws.

Meanwhile, the NSW Government is ignoring the solutions that could actually prevent youth crime. Regional communities should be furious that the government is not prepared to invest in services that will make them safer.

Throwing more children in jail will cause unspeakable damage to Closing The Gap and efforts to create a better future for Aboriginal children in NSW.

We've signed on to an open letter to Premier Minns calling for bail reform.

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I joined because I wanted someone to be by my side, someone that would actually have my back if anything went wrong
Clifford Out of Home Care Support Worker